self-love is your birthright.


I didn’t always feel confident in my body + sexuality. In fact, after experiencing sexual trauma as a young child - I lived a lot of my upbringing in fear of the sexual energy coursing through me. I let this fear repress my sexuality so deeply that I steered clear of any sexual interactions all the way through high school. I thought in order to keep my body safe + be accepted, I needed to have a “clean” reputation. I used drugs + alcohol to numb the building pressure I felt in my heart + existence. 

I was a competitive gymnast since age 3, and see now that being able to express my body through that sport was something that saved my life. It was where I channeled all my feelings of isolation, confusion, and frustration. 

I also grew up knowing that I was magnetically drawn to other women. Yet every night before bed - I would “pray” and attempt to wish away my queerness. I was so afraid of being bullied or abandoned for who I actually was. 

When I left home for college, everything began to change. I started professionally dancing for a company full of empowered, queer souls who mirrored all my desires right back to me. Showing me it was OK to be myself. I started exploring sex with all different genders + queer folks. But the moment I had sex with a woman is when my whole life suddenly felt like it made sense. It was the moment where I took my sexuality back. Where I realized that I could experience infinite pleasure. That I could feel desire in my body and still be safe. That I could be queer as fuck and still powerful in this world. 

For me, sex was not suddenly earth-shattering, but instead a slow and steady strip tease - removing the countless layers of protection I had built over the years. Each experience bringing me closer to home. Each full body YES teaching me something. Each full body NO reminding me of my strength + helping me build empowering boundaries. This path has been messy, but I look at how far I’ve come and let myself melt to the floor in pride and happy tears - for I have reached a place of feeling absolutely unstoppable in my own skin.

My journey has led me to becoming a sex educator, sensuality coach, and movement teacher - guiding self-identifying women, femmes and non-binary beings in dismantling limiting beliefs they carry surrounding sex, and supporting them in replacing these beliefs with pleasure, connection and intimacy. 

This magic is real.

Transformation is real. 

YOU are worthy of everything you desire. 

Welcome to my world, sweet soul.

With all my love,

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